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Graphene is a material taken from graphite.

It is made of an amount of carbon atoms that create this solid material. Despite being solid, it would be necessary for about 3 million graphene sheets to form a 1 mm sheet. It was discovered recently, and gave it discoverers a Nobel Price.

This material seems normal. However, it is not normal at all. What makes it peculiar is that it is a very good thermal and electric conductor, as well as a very strong material. Because of this it has many applications nowadays in science.

Said to be the strongest material ever measured, it has some properties that have surprised the whole scientific community. Because of this some scientists have classed it as one of the materials of the future.

The main advantage of this material is that it can be easily modulated because of it being very flexible. This could help create small electric chips or just simply a flexible electronic device than can change size depending on the use you want it to give as well as transparent or flexible screens.

Big companies have started to invest in this material as they consider it the material of the future. Big names like Samsung, Nokia or IBM think that in a close future theyÕll have products with graphene on the market.

Vikesh Mahboobani Martinez (16)

Student at CET Services