Windows 8, anything new

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Windows 8, anything new

The last version of windows (Windows 8) was released on October 29th 2012.

Between its features, the one that you see when you use it for the first time is the interface, called “Metro”, which you see as the start menu instead of the desktop, which appears as an application.

This version of Windows has been improved for touch screens, but can be used as any other PC with the keyboard and the mouse. It has been modified a lot, improving the cloud computing; this means that you will have some online data storage space via SkyDrive which you can personalize so you share what you want.

It contains some applications such as Contacts, Email, Desktop, SkyDrive, Calendar, Photos, Messages or Windows Defender.

With this version of Windows the activation of the operating system the activation can be done via your Hotmail account.

Gabriel Jimenez

Student at CET Services