Backstage view of theatre

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Backstage view of theatre

Theatre is an art. It is a way humans have to communicate, to show their opinion through the speech and their emotions through the actor.

When you enter a theatre you are free; you are like a little child discovering an incredible world for the first time every time. When people are asked what theatre represents for them they have so many different opinions and ways of expressing them that it is difficult to think they are talking about the same thing, so what do you think about when you think of theatre or about a play?

Theatre is a mixture of things, what is said is as important as how it is said, but the most important thing is what people feel like after having watched the play; because what is the point of saying something important and incredible if people donÕt feel like it really matters?

But what about how you feel when you are the one being watched and not the one who watches? There is nothing compared to how you feel while you are on stage, times pass so quickly and so slowly at the same time that you feel like you are flying on stage and then thatÕs it; it ends and you seem to get down from the clouds too fast. In that moment, when you are conscious of everything you are doing and you and your character are not the same person anymore and you start to analyze what has just happened, then it comes: the satisfaction and you donÕt care about the fact that all the work you have done before isnÕt known by who was watching the play. It is like discovering the same thing every time.

Although it may seem that the only thing the actor and the audience have in common is that they both like theatre, that is not true, actually the only real thing in which the actor and the audience differentiate is that one is on stage acting and the other one is watching the play. But both have to educate themselves one to be a good actor and the other one to be able to appreciate what he is watching. And like that there are a lot of things theyÕve got in common, but, in my opinion the most important one is that both of them are like little kids playing and believing just for a couple of hours that all that they are playing or watching is real.

Daniela Torrealba Garc’a (17)

Student at CET Services