The Fourth Generation

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The Fourth Generation

Advances in technology reveal that in this 2013, there would be a huge change in technologies, not only with new innovations such as the new glasses that the multinational Google are trying to create, but also with a change in the communications and a higher broadband for any mobile devices, called 4G.

Although 2012 brought us the IPhone 5 and other advances that surprised the entire world, this 2013 promises much more. First of all, most screens of any device will be done with ultra high definition, something that would be really like if you were watching with your own eyes, or even better. Another invention would be the project glasses of Google. With them, you will be able to get into the Internet just by making one movement, or to see everything in HDM. However the most surprising and innovating change would be the introduction of 4G in any device.

The forth generation (4G) is one of the promising changes predicted for 2013. It is a successor of the 3G, but the main difference is that 4G systems provide ultra-broadband Internet access to any devices, as this system increases the speed of any device when surfing on the Internet. Another application 4G has is that it amends other applications 3G had such as video conferences, HD mobile TV, 3D television, IP services… So basically what this telecommunicating system does is improve the Internet access of any device so that you can use any kind of application whenever you want with the highest speed, highest security and with the minimum costs.

Nowadays many telecommunication companies, such as Nextel, are still investigating this project. Despite this, it is predicted that in 2013 the 4G would be introduced in nearly all the world creating an aggressive expansion of the networks in the world. However, we will have to wait for that moment to come.

By Vikesh Mahboobani Martínez (16)

Student at CET Services