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Intel (in collaboration with Apple) designed Thunderbolt, an interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer via an expansion bus. Basically, itÕs a technology that offers high speed connections between a computer and up to six peripheral devices, using just one Thunderbolt port. But for me, the most important feature is that you can connect a screen, it doesnÕt matter if itÕs VGA, HDMI or DVI from this port; you just need an adapter.

The new USB 3.0 offers a half part of the Thunderbolt speed, so you can transfer a Blu-ray disc in less time than 30 seconds, for example. Another feature is that thunderbolt offers bidirectional bandwidth. But this is a new technology, what means that they will continue adding features to this technology (in theory, Thunderbolt could offer up to 100 Gbit/s, five times more than actually).

By Gabriel Jimenez

Student at CET Services