E-books, e-culture

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E-books, e-culture

What do you prefer, the traditional and old book made of paper or the comfortable and modern electronic book?  It sounds better the second one. It would be ridiculous to pay so much money for a book that you can have free with an only click.

I am attracted more by the idea of having one thousand books in a few grams.

The 40% of those polled prefer to have the latest technology, the 10% are interested in books made of paper and the other 50% doesnÕt read with another of the two ways.

In the last months I could prove that the people who are into books has augmented.  Until people who before didnÕt read anything, now they read every day: At the doctorÕs waiting room, On the bus, having a coffee,

Its more practical said one of those polled When you see a book in a book shop, Do you buy it? No, You donÕt. You write the title and with an only click you have it

Because When a book goes on sale three days later thereÕre people who rewrite it for other people who want to read it. This is solidarity, illegal, but solidarity.

ThereÕre a lot of web pages where you can find those books. More than five thousand of books can be find in these webs pages.

The culture doesnÕt disappear with the piracy, it disappears cause of the increment of uncultured people. Downloading a book youÕre not sillier, you are more intelligent. A lot of writers, as singers and actors complain that the piracy destroy the culture. One of the things that destroy the culture is the stupid box, the hypnotising object and, as my Granma says, those right there.

The culture should be free. To write to be read, act for applause and sing to be listened, not for the money you can win. It isnÕt the piracy that destroys the culture, its the money.

I prefer to hear the noise of the pages made of paper, the touch they have, see how much is left to finish, said one of those polled.

It depends on us if we want to have a book from someone who wants to bring money or to have a book in your hand from someone who wants to be read.

Because of that I sometimes enter in www.wattpad.com to read people who must be read. Im not saying that famous writers mustnÕt be read, Im saying that the fact to be famous doesnÕt make you a writer.

I have seen people who write better than Ken Follet. The technology absorbs us.

But how great you feel when you see another ones face when you say yes, I have read all those books on the shelf.

By Emma Jordan CortŽs

Student at : Colegio Santa Ana (Huesca)