Futuristic Glasses

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Futuristic Glasses

Nowadays, there isnÕt a newspaper without a weekly publication about the advances the multinational enterprise Google, has done in technology. The latest project is the Google Glass. The project is being developed by Google X Lab, which is also developing self-driving cars. Although people may think these glasses might be the same as normal ones, the people from the Google X Lab are working to create an innovative augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). This means that the real-environmental elements would be augmented.

Additionally, this futuristic pair of glasses would include the operating system Android. With this the customers could easily have the possibility to search on the Internet by just moving the eye for example. Despite the fact that this kind of thing seems unrealistic or taken from a science-fiction movie, the developers predict that it would be available this year in the US costing around 1,500$.

The Project Glass is just a sign that the world is changing and in less time that we expect, a technological revolution might occur.

By Vikesh Mahboobani Martínez (16)

Student at CET Services