Animal Testing

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Animal Testing

Human actions, no matter how harmless they appear to be, involve a huge cost to the environment. Even actions of littering land, water and air with wasted substances can cause serious damages to the environment. The damage caused to the environment due to animal testing is a fault of human beings.

The activity of animal testing is often done by scientists in laboratories. Nowadays, technology has improved a lot, therefore, animal testing is less painful. However, animals still suffer in those experiments because they have to face up to many difficulties.

The activity of animal testing is often unscientific. Money spent on animal testing is wasted in many cases; due to the difficulties of obtaining accurate results.

The results obtained from animal testing are used to check medicines and other products like cosmetics. Humans and animal reactions are different, so some of these medicines are useless. For example, mice and rats are not the best animals to see the results of human beings whereas monkeys and chimpanzees are. In addition, some drug companies use the activity of animal testing to create drugs which seem to be medicines. Therefore, it is not advisable to rely on animal tests.

In my opinion, animal testing is not the most effective way to develop science. I think we ought to find other resorts to treat diseases or improve technology. If animal testing continues growing, I think some animal species will extinguish.

Ignacio Azcue (15)

(Student at Colegio Iraurgi)

Azpeitia, Guipuzcoa – Pais Vasco