One world, two competitors

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One world, two competitors

Although IPhone 5 was thought to be the final smartphone and a device that couldnÕt be replaced, with the launching of Samsung Galaxy S IV the situation has changed completely, as it has drawn everyone´s attention.

Nowadays, Samsung and Apple have been competing to have the best smartphone on the market. This is not new, as many other companies, such as Whatsapp or Line are also competing for the best free texting app. People thought that the IPhone would never be outsold by another device.

However all this has changed and the new device from Samsung is to be blamed for this, as it includes more functions and applications. One of these revolutionary functions is that you can just use the screen without touching it, only with your eyes. Additionally, the camera has improved a lot as well as the connections with other devices such as a TV, as it can be used as a remote control for example.

The tension between both companies has increased a lot and SIV has forced Apple to improve and design a new IPhone that would displace Samsung from the market.

By Vikesh Mahboobani Martínez (16)

Student at CET Services