Samsung Galaxy SIV

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Samsung Galaxy SIV

Last March 14th, Samsung presented a new model of smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy SIV. The show was in New York and was broadcasted through YouTube and other specialised websites.

This smartphone is meant to revolutionise the world of technology with its features such as humidity sensor, which is a sensor that you donÕt usually find in mobile phones. But talking about hardware, the most important points are: a 1,6 GHz Dual Quad Core processor or a 1,9GHz Quad core processor (depending on the country), 2 GB ram memory, 16/32/64 GB of internal memory, a 13 megapixels camera and 2 megapixels of frontal camera and a 441 PPI screen.

If this isnÕt enough, some other advantages of this mobile are: Dual Camera, an option that allows you to take a photo with both cameras at the same time; Samsung Smart Pause, a new technology that permits you to scroll or pause a video with your eyes or S Translator, a new version of translator that recognises a voice and translates it into another language.

So this new gadget is one of the best smartphones on earth and itÕs supposed to be one of the most-sold mobile phones of last years.

By Gabriel Jimenez

Student at CET Services