San Fermin

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San Fermin

I come from Pamplona in the North of Spain where there is a typical festival called San Ferm’n.

What`s San Fermín?

Every day during the festivals of San Ferm’n, people run a bull race. But… what is a bull race?

The bull race is a type of race, but it isn`t a typical race. In the race, bulls run behind people. It is very dangerous and you have to be older than 18 years old to be allowed to run. There are no prizes. The only prize you get is your own life after the race. People finish the race in the cityÕs bullring.

Every afternoon these bulls are fought by Spanish bullfighters. The bullfighter has to kill the bull with a sword.

Every night in San Ferm’n festival people watch the Fireworks display from a big garden at 22:00 and after the fireworks, young people party all night long in the bars and discos until early hours.

On those days you can also find all kinds of stalls where you can buy all sorts of souvenirs.

I highly recommend you to visit Pamplona when we are celebrating San Ferm’n! It is a great and crazy experience.

By Alvaro de la Maza

Student at Colegio Larraona