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The ballet is a type of dance that was created first in France and later in Russia. It consists of the choreography and the music that was usually composed taking into account the ballet steps or shows, in fact a ballet production. People usually tend to think that this music always has to be classical, however, as time goes by, we can see that ballets with modern kind of music are getting trendier and trendier.

Being a ballerina is not easy as it involves training for long hours trying to improve your steps and flexibility and it requires hard work and a great effort. Besides, people who take up this activity should be a bit stubborn because you have to practice every day in order to get better bit by bit , so you don`t have to give up and you have to be determined.

I took up ballet when I was very young, actually when I was nine, and I have been practicing ever since almost every day. Despite all the difficulties and frustration, I can say that I love it. Nowadays, I am attending a really good dance academy called Thalia, it is located in San Sebastian ( the town where I was born and I live with my whole family) . This dance academy is one of the most prestigious in San Sebastian and it is the place where some famous ballerinas have studied. One of my favourite dancers is Luc’a Lacarra.

Luc’a Lacarra is from Zumaia, a town half an hour from San Sebastian. She attended dancing lessons in this academy and became successful some years ago. Nowadays, she is working abroad and she has worked with different but all of them excellent companies. She is really famous and is also considered one of the best ballerinas all over the world.

Here in the Basque Country there are a lot of people who practice ballet and I would recommend you to practice it because it is fun and it helps you keep fit.

People love dreaming but my only dream would be to be a famous ballerina and follow the steps of one of the bests, Lucía Lacarra.

By Alejandra Salaberria (14)

Student at Colegio Jesuitas San Sebastian

San Sebastian

EditorÕs Note

ItÕs great that children are still interested in cultural extra-curricular activities such as dancing or ballet, itÕs very motivating to see that a 14 years old can have this determination and such clear ideas about the commitment that this type of activity involves as well as showing a real love for the activity she adores and enjoys practising.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express