Do young people lack ambition?

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Do young people lack ambition

Nowadays it is very frequent to hear-specially from old people- that youngsters lack or directly don’t have any ambition towards life. Are they right? Or are they just misunderstanding lack of ambition for a shortage of work in their lives?

To start with, it is unfair to say that young people lack ambition because generally as we grow we start preferring an easier life without worrying about anything. No challenges, because usually when we grow old our life is already resolved. Despite this fact, it is true that there are young people that prefer a comfortable life rather than working hard to achieve their goals-that is my personal case-.

I suppose these can be considered because lots of young people do not have clear what is their goal in life or even what they want to be like when they grow old, so they do not face challenges with total motivation. For example, here there is an opposite situation: If you have clear that you want to work as a doctor or a surgeon, you will study hard from the beginning to achieve success.

In conclusion, I understand why people have these perceptions, but things change and maybe elder people have even more absence of ambition because, in their time, they had just to resign because that was the most likely thing to happen in their society. However I think it is not fair to generalize because every single human who belongs to our young population is different from each other.

Alejandro Zurita Garcia (17)

Student at CET Services