Surf in the Basque Country

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Surf in the Basque Country

Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider has to stand up on the surfboard and after that ride the wave as it breaks.

Here in the Basque country, we have about 150 km of coast, enough for surfing. Generally the waves here arenÕt really good .However, Mundaka, one or two days a year, could be the best and the longest barrelled wave of the world .Before, a really important championship used to take place in Mundaka.

This championship was inside the WCT (World Champion Tour). Nevertheless , because of the irregularity of the waves in Mundaka , ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) decided not to go ahead with this championship.

Here as in a big part of Europe, there is a great deal of interest in football. The first sport every child chooses is always football. In my case I started playing football at school because all my friends had chosen it, but I wasnÕt very keen on football. When I was older I took up surfing because I always wanted to do a water sport. I was so hooked that I decided to give up football and start surfing seriously and improving to win championships.

Nowadays, I am taking part in competitions and I am always fighting to achieve the first place in each championship. Moreover, it helps me to disconnect from my studies and connect to nature.

If I were someone who likes water sports, I would choose surfing .I promise you will think it is worthwhile, enjoyable, a way to get rid of routine and you will get hooked.

By Enaut Salaberria (15)

Student at Colegio Jesuitas San Sebastian

San Sebastian – Pais Vasco

Editors Note:

Many teenagers practise sport and some of them are very good at it, but they donÕt usually write about it and express their points of view on this sport, here we have the example of Enaut who enjoys practising surf in his home town in the Pais Vasco, he has written this article where he shares his love for surf with our readers, we are including a link to a youtube video where you can see this young surfer practising his favourite sport.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express