Your own operating system Now it’s possible.

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Your own operating system Now it’s possible.

Have you ever wanted an operating system made for you? If you donÕt want any more Microsoft or Apple, you can use GNU-Linux with a personalized distro based on Suse.

Suse Studio is an online tool that is very easy to use and allows you to personalise your own distro by adding/deleting software. But this is just one of all the features Suse Studio has; you can personalise your settings, accounts, language and add files before installing it.

At the end, you can download a disk image with your operating system that includes your programs, your configurations, your files, etc. This is perfect for anyone who wants to start using an operating system based on GNU-Linux because you wonÕt need to do many difficult configurations after installing your software because youÕd have done it before.

This free tool can be very useful for backups or to have a portable office with everything you need in case your computer dies. You install it on any other computer and thatÕs all! You can continue working.

Suse Studio is one more example of free software that you can personalise.

By Gabriel Jimenez (16)

Student at CET Services