3D and 4D printers A solution for the greenhouse effect

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3D and 4D printers A solution for the greenhouse effect

ThereÕs no doubt that in the last few years technology has revolutionised the world in all terms. Fifty years ago we didnÕt expect that we could be able to transplant a heart for instance, or even reach the space and try to colonise Mars with our space robots, and so we have come up with the conclusion that we can solve any problem, independently how big it is, with technology.

However, all these advances have brought many problems, especially one, which nowadays is preoccupying most MEDCÕs governments, the climate change. This climate change has been created over the years with our selfishness, as we have over used fossil fuels and other kind of resources that once were good for us, but now they are damaging our planet because the gases they produce when combusting, destroy our atmosphere by creating a layer that keeps the sun-rays and so increases the average EarthÕs temperature.

Most of these emissions come out from big industries that produce many things that we use in our daily life, from a car to a simple toothbrush. Because of this, governments are trying to enforce new laws and policies that regulate these emissions.

Nevertheless, the effects are too slow and so the scientific community is looking forward to find new possible solutions and they might have found a very viable one, 3D and 4D printers.

Most of you would be asking yourself just right now how a printer can solve whatÕs known as the most difficult and serious problem human beings have come across. Well we find the answer to this question when looking on how this innovative device works.

This kind of printers turns powder into any object you want. The process is a bit complex, but the final product is worth of it, as it is very accurate. First of all, you use a designing program to create the object you want to print. In addition to this, you can also choose from a large variety of items from the internet as we can find them already designed. After this, you just send the file to the printer and the device does all the work for you.

The reason why what looks like a household item could be a solution for the green-house effect is that you can design whatever you want and print it, and the only needed source of energy is electricity, which can be produced in many renewable ways. With this, we could be able to reduce the amount of industries´ emissions to zero. It wouldnÕt be necessary to burn fossil fuels to create simple things such as plastic bottles or whatsoever.

Although it seems to be a very good solution, the machine is causing controversy recently as you can design any type of weapon and print it whenever you want; something that disgusts many people because it can be dangerous if the machine ends up in the wrong hands.

But fortunately, the machine is under development as there are many characteristics that need to be improved and so we don´t know if this machine turns to be the final solution for the climate change that is occurring in these days and eventually change the world as we know it. We would have to wait and see.

By Vikesh Mahboobani Martínez (16)

Student at CET Services

EditorÕs Note:

Most adults nowadays believe that our youngsters are only interested in Social Networking and Playing computer games. Vikesh has shown us in this article that this is far from reality, his article shows us that our younger generation is worried and involved in the preservation of our resources as well as being conscious of the need to preserve our precious natural resources to allow our planet to recover and try and sort out the damage caused by previous generations. ItÕs good to see our youngsters so involved in these causes.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express