Dreams of fame?

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Dreams of fame

Dreams of fame? ThatÕs a question weÕve surely asked ourselves. Nowadays, we see and have lots of idols, such as footballers or actors, all of them with luxurious houses and cars, money, but, would we desire to be like them, so famous? Or would we prefer to be successful, and not so well known? LetÕs compare both worlds.

First of all, we are going to start with fameÕs world. ItÕs true that when you are a famous person, there are lots of advantages: you can buy whatever you like, you earn a lot of money, own big houses, but, despite all these fantastic aspects, famous people are dealing everyday with paparazzi, cameras, gossips, constant pressure and fear, so that they donÕt say anything wrong or out of place.

On the other hand, we have the opposite situation, and maybe the common one. People who start working at an early age, day after day, with a great deal of effort, they finally achieve success in their lives. This way wonÕt be easy, as it requires strength and constancy. However, the reward will be so satisfactory and fulfilling that you wonÕt regret all your work. In addition, you live away from TV shows, cameras, and itÕs possible to enjoy with your family and face up to the typical problems.

So, to sum up, IÕd prefer to be successful, but not so well known as a famous singer, footballer; because, in fact, there is only one place where success comes before work, which is the dictionary.

Joaqu’n Ru’z de Castroviejo (17)

Student at Atlantic School GaroŽ