From their point of view

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From their point of view

Are you one of those people who think of your own future? Have you ever thought about what you are going to study? Do you think that your parents are worried because of the crisis?

Nowadays during this period of crisis your parents are naturally worried about you, here, in Spain there are not many jobs. Many young people that have finished their studies have the need to continue their lives or continuing their studies in other countries. Going to places like Germany, Ireland or Canada for example, that have access to jobs.

Also, to travel to other countries you need to speak other languages apart from yours. And here we do not provide it.

Your parents are also worried about letting their own daughters or sons alone in another country, far away from them. So sometimes they do not know how to advise you what to do. They are confused on how they work for you to have studies and have the need of going out. How much money and time they spend Advising on what to do. But they want the best for you and I am sure that they will do everything possible.

If I were you I would do my best and study a lot of languages to have the opportunity of a good lifestyle. Make your parents proud of you and your work.

By Julia Santana (14)

Student at CET Services

Editors Comment

Its a pleasure to see how some of our young teenagers are really worried about the economic situation and their future, some people believe that teenagers are only interested in social networking, chatting with their friends or playing videogames, Julia with this article has shown us that our younger generation is aware of the situation and is also interested in how it will be solved.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express