How to get the best out of a lesson

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How to get the best out of a lesson

We are the future. Just a few years to enter the work market and each of us will have to recover and improve this chaotic economic situation. But before that, we need to get ready, by being trained, and getting the best out of every lesson, in order to be capable of solving any problem that may come up.

First of all, the educational system needs to change. People should have the possibility to leave school earlier. If so, really hard-working students will learn more, because they actually want to continue with their formation and wonÕt be slowed down by people who just do not care.

Furthermore, books should be replaced by electronic ones or tablets. Lessons would be much more interactive and interesting, at the same time we are dealing with new technologies. What´s more, there is a big lack of experience at work, as most of the students who finish their degrees are unemployed. Why donÕt we introduce some work experience, such as helping a doctor, an architect, or a lawyer?

All in all, I think that if we get involved and collaborate to improve the lessons, with new activities like the ones we mentioned before, weÕll get the best out of them, and nothing and no one will stop us in the future.

By Joaqu’n Ru’z de Castroviejo (17)

Student at Atlantic School GaroŽ