NASA- Goodbye Windows. Hello Linux.

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NASA- Goodbye Windows. Hello Linux.

It has lasted, but astronauts will have computers running GNU/Linux based operating systems, the distribution they will use is Debian 6. But Linux will be able to be used to control the R2 Robot, used in dangerous missions. With this change, NASA is looking for a stable and reliable system.

As Linux Foundation has said, they have already started to prepare the new operating system to do the main functions Windows had at the International Space Station (ISS). The reason for this change is that they need a stable and reliable system, which could let them take control on the often actions that must be done at the ISS.

The new operating system is supposed to be installed on astronautsÕ personal computers, but the R2 Robot, which is used for missions at space, will change, too. This way, says the Linux Foundation, they will be able to control the robot from inside the ISS with the help of NASA at earth to do the operations they need.

Another advantage they want with this change is that NASA developers will take profit of R2 on the most dangerous missions for astronauts in microgravity conditions.

In fact, the Linux world is not new for NASA, they have used it for a long time on supercomputers, servers and desktops. The applications they have used the most by this time are Ubuntu 10.04, Suse and Red Hat Enterprise. Clearly, they will save a lot of money thanks to Open Source software, money that they can use in other things.

By Gabriel JimŽnez Perera (18)

Student at CET Services