Hyperloop, the future.

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Hyperloop, the future.

-High speed, 965 km/h.

-Travelling between San Francisco and LA (600 km) could be possible in 45 minutes.

-The project will be presented next August 12th on its alpha version.

Elon Musk, American economist and entrepreneur, has an impressive project ready related to the transport of people, the Hyperloop. This invention consists on a high speed train that would travel through some tubes and could travel between the coasts of San Francisco and Los Angeles, about 611 km, in just 45 minutes.

To understand what this would mean, travelling between these two cities by car takes about five hours and a half, by train it would be twelve hours and by plane it takes about one hour and a half.

This modern train would also be ecological, as it would have solar panels and would work thanks to renewable energy, something very appreciated nowadays.

Furthermore, this train could reach about 970 km/h, nearly 300 km/h more than a commercial airplane.

Talking about how to control this train, its developers have declared that the best way would be the use of propelled air to reach those high speeds.

By Gabriel Jimenez Perera (18)

Student at CET Services

Anyway, by the moment Elon Musk hasnÕt wanted to give many details because next August 12th he has prepared the presentation of the alpha design of this project, in which he will give the majority of the able details of this Hyperloop.

By now, it is possible to estimate the price of this entire infrastructure, which could be of 6 billion dollars.