Auto Destruction Activated

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Auto Destruction Activated

Thefts of smartphones and other technological gadgets has increased in the last few years.

The personal information is more important than the monetary value of the machines.

With the auto destruction button, the owner could remotely destroy the mobile phone.

The theft of technological gadgets has increased along the last few years, so nowadays it’s a problem for any country’s security. In 2012, more than 1.6 millions of North Americans suffered the theft of their mobile phone or tablet. In some cities such as San Francisco, this represents half of all the thefts.

These numbers are very important because in many cases, due to the monetary value of the device and the personal value of the data, the owners do not give the device. In the USA there have been a few deaths because of this, including a 15 years old boy from Las Vegas who was killed while trying to keep his iPad.

The real thing is that there are few things more wanted by a thief: the electronic devices are expensive, small, and easy to steal and are in great demand in the second-hand market.

Last June 13th, the authorities from San Francisco and New York met the main manufacturers of smartphones to try to find a solution to the increase in the number of stolen devices. The police asked the manufacturers to add a button to block the smartphone so it would be more difficult to steal the devices. But the USA is not the only interested country in this matter, South Korea is doing things and is even more advanced than the rest.

The South Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung will be forced to include an auto destruction system to every device sold in South Korea. If the owner uses this system, the device will be deactivated and won’t work anymore. Drastic, but effective against crime.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s very probable that this technology will be applied to other countries.

By Gabriel JimŽnez Perera (18)

Student at CET Services