Facebook Privacy Changes

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Facebook Privacy Changes

Statistically most people nowadays have a Facebook account, some will use it more and some less but many people are unaware of the privacy settings, in the current society specially when you people are looking for their first job they are quite unaware of the fact that many potential employers will Google you up on the internet before making a decision on your hiring.

Recently Facebook updates their privacy settings and one very important setting to take into account is called “Who can look up your Timeline by name. This setting allows you to decide which type of people can find your profile when using the search function. It gives you various option these being : all users, friends of friends or only friends.

It is quite normal for you people specially in their late teens to add funny photos and even sarcastic comments about situations or people which although used as an innocent way to have fun can have repercussions when applying for a job. So it is advisable to have the Òonly friendsÓ option activated.

Nevertheless the best option would be not to have that type of content on your profile, Òwhy?Ó you will undoubtedly be asking yourselves just now, well this option only controls the search engine so this doesn’t mean that you are undiscoverable or even invisible, Facebook profile pages are available to all users unless you have specifically blocked them.

Your next question will be but how can they find me if I don’t add them?” quite simple, there are actually several ways to find you, the easiest of which is when you comment on someone else’s profile as your comment accreditation links to your Timeline.

Another way of becoming visible is when a friend tags you in a photo, this tag which also links to your Timeline can be the most problematic as you are many times tags to an undesirable photo and it can be online for quite some time before you get the tag removed.

So, don’t think that because you have decided to limit the ÒWho can look up your Timeline by nameÓ option you are safe on the net.

Obviously it is a good idea to limit the access to people to your account but remember that at the end it’s up to you to keep your profile clean and ensure that no offensive, illegal or immoral information appear online.

Many users are mistaken about who can see their activities and I haven’t found anyone yet who has actually read the never-ending privacy agreement which everyone accepts blindly without reading.

It is important to make our youngsters, specially our teenagers about the trail of activities and information they are leaving online and who can see it, we must encourage them to make informed and considered decisions regarding their privacy online and their activities and not just stick to default settings which often protect us in a very weak way and usually offer wider visibility.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express