Have you ever thought of the problems technology has produced

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Have you ever thought of the problems technology has produced

Our world is constantly changing and so does society. However, some advances irrupt in our lives in a quiet and slow way. It’s the case of technology what once started as an electronic device that could make some calculations has turned into an indispensable tool in our lives. The same happens with mobile phones that have become a multifunctional device with the new advances.

All these changes have supposedly been made to create a positive impact in our lives. In fact, they have resulted helpful in many of our daily activities and has allowed society to communicate with the rest of the world in an easy way. New technology has allowed us to access whatever type of information whenever you want, something that was considered impossible about two decades ago.

However, the overuse of these technologies is creating many types of problems. First of all, people have become addicted to smartphones and mainly to the apps that social networks have created so that people can communicate with each other whenever they want. By addicted I mean that recent researches reveal that people, generally children, prefer to spend time chatting online rather than meeting their friends face to face. Nowadays, it is becoming more common to go to a restaurant and see people that have met to eat and instead of maintaining a conversation while they eat, they take their smartphones and start chatting with other people.

In addition to this, scientists are starting to detect new psychological illnesses related to the addiction that these electronic devices create. Although people are not concerned, spending a lot of time with this type of electronic devices can result as addictive as smoking cigarettes every day.

Despite this, the technology is continuously improving, mainly because of the great amount of capital it moves. Companies such as Apple or Samsung are creating more and more sophisticated electronic devices. That is why people must get concerned about the problems technology is creating before is too late. We should evolve in the same way technology is evolving: in a positive way.

Vikesh Mahboobani Mart’nez (16)

Student at CET Services

Assistant Editor of the Canary Express