Should students in school or college have the opportunity to work in part-time jobs

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Should students in school or college have the opportunity to work in part-time jobs

In our current society, work experience is steadily becoming more and more important in terms of job qualification. Both international companies and national businesses search in the job market for individuals with top-notch qualifications, such as, a college degree, preferably two, multiple languages and on-the-job working experience. Therefore, governments should think about offering some sort of paid activity for teenagers and Young adults, while they study their regular course, in order to give them that experience businesses around the world are looking for.

First of all, this would benefit teenagers themselves. It’s obvious that any type of job experience would be enriching from not only a personal perspective but also and academic point of view. Young adults would learn to be more responsible with money and their job if this new policy were to be carried our. In addition, getting them involved with a part time job in the real world at such an early stage in their lives would definitely develop in them a sense of commitment, hardly found nowadays among university students.

Also, this policy would be advantageous to the companies the students work for. It goes without saying that businesses wouldn’t have pay a college student as much as a graduated adult, and this could save them some money. Consequently, companies would have more financial resources to train these fresh new workers and turn them into more elite veterans, which would, in the long run, be profitable for businesses, despite the initial loss of efficiency; because untrained individuals are less productive than experienced ones.

In conclusion, unpaid jobs for students would be favourable for both the students themselves and the companies that hire them. In my opinion, the government should make an effort to provide this policy as soon as possible. It would most certainly only have positive outcomes in society.

By Juan Gabriel Alonso Guzman