The Doctor’s day

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The Doctor’s day

The day: 23rd of November

The place : Cardiff England

The event : the celebration of the 50th Anniversary

The series : Doctor Who.

They made a new episode of the series with 3 Doctors: Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt. They also presented Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor.

In this episode we can see the last day of the Time War, when the Doctor killed Daleks and Time Lords, but really he wants to save all their life, and all the habitants in Gallifrey.

After that Steven Moffat and the rest of the Doctor Who’s team win the award for: The longest Science Fiction series in the world and they go around Cardiff, when in Cardiff’s castle we can see a monument of the TARDIS, we can see that only during a special of the series.

After that, they celebrate a party to end the day, some people said that It was the best episode of Doctor Who that they have seen ever, now, the next chapter will be in December for the Christmas special, when they are going to officially present Capaldi as The Doctor.

In my opinion, I really like this series, because science fiction for me is really fantastic, there are a lot of things that in general people can’t explain, and it’s really fun to try it, but it’s just my opinion.

By Omar Monedero Pacheco (16)

Student at CET Services