The Spanish problem with information

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The Spanish problem with information

I have decided to write this article because I feel disgusted after watching a video on Youtube, in fact, this is just the drop that makes the vase overflow.

In Spain, we have some private TV channels, each of them with its own ideology, and RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television), like the BBC in the UK. It is true that the information will always be influenced by the ideas of the current government as RTVE is a group of public TV channels, but sometimes the information is completely changed.

The video I saw is just an example of the current situation with the information shown on the news. The link to the video is at the end of the article and, on it, it can be distinguished the full original video and the video broadcast.

The original video was recorded on April 18th, 2011. The context is a demonstration in Madrid, the original video shows how a girl acts after a policeman’s behaviour and the broadcast video shows just the part of the girl trying to defend herself.

But the problem is not only the veracity of the information, but also the behaviour of the national police officers. As I said before, this is not an isolated case. Police officers are usually sexist and unfair, they use their baton whenever they have the opportunity, even against disarmed people who are sat down on the streets.

The day after any of these cases is broadcast on TV you can listen to a politician saying that the police acted as they had and they don’t mind lying to support what they say. They don’t really mind as they are almost untouchable.

In my opinion, a part of this problem are the extreme ideologies of Spain. Because of the history, the ideas can make it difficult to reach a peace state. I think that we should learn to live together and respect other ideas. I would like to know what they would do if this happened in other European countries such as the UK or Germany.

As a conclusion I would like to say that there are many police officers that really help and are friendly with citizens, but when this happens nobody suffers consequences.

By Gabriel JimŽnez Perera (18)

Student at CET Services