A controversial Spanish book

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A controversial Spanish book

I am writing this article to let the world know about a controversial book edited by the archbishop of Granada, so everybody can reflect about it and have an opinion on it.

The Spanish book I am talking about is called ÒC‡sate y se sumisaÓ, in English this would be something like ÒGet married and be submissiveÓ. This is a controversial title for a book, but the book itself is even worse. The author is Constanza Miriano, an Italian journalist and it is one of the most sold books.

I think that the worst thing about this book is the opinion of Spanish people. They think this is a good book, fortunately not everybody thinks so. Thanks to this book, people can take a look at the Spanish society and see how conservative Spanish people can be.

As it is known, Spanish politicians are not seen as good politicians. Many people think that they should leave their seats and look for another job, but in this case they are united against this book and want it to be removed from book shops.

Nevertheless, a good part of Spanish people have protested against this book. At least a part wants to fight against Òmale dominationÓ. In my opinion, everybody has the right to express what they think, but some extremist ideas should change. Some of these ideas are vestiges of the Spanish past, so there are things to change.

I do not know how people from other countries see this and I would like to know their opinions about this. Maybe the European Union could do something to fight against these old ideas, the ones of submissions of course.

Some of the most controversial comments I found about this book:

ÒThe book has been sold in Italy and in Spain it will be more sold, for sure. The feminist experiment failedÓ

ÒThis book is a confused and badly-written bric-a-brac with a lot of typical Catholic clich‘ about wedding and family life. Better take your money and stay awayÓ.

Gabriel JimŽnez Perera (18)

Student at CET Services