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Eragon goes to Ellesmera, the countryÕs capital of Elves together with Orik and Arya, Ajihad is killed, and the urgals capture Murtagh and the twins. In Ellesméra, Eragon will continue with their training.

To his surprise, there is with ailing Sage, Oromis, and his dragon Glaedr, the last of the riders who are living, which become the following masters of Eragon and Saphira.

Little by little, you will be fulfilling the vision that Angela had in the first book on the bones of the dragon: culminating with the betrayal of a family member, who turns out to be Murtagh, son of Morzan and brother of Eragon. The rider also falls for Arya, although this is a love for it, from the distance in age and the duties of each one. Despite this, Eragon does not surrender and is regardless of Arya, which fails to conquer.

Eragon suffers many difficulties in his training, because the wound that Durza left him starts to hurt whenever he does great efforts. This disease causes Eragon to lose hope during a season. However, during the elven, Agaetí Blódhren, the young rider receives a gift of dragons, a profound transformation that greatly increases his strength, power, and senses. It also changes his physical appearance, becoming almost an Elf and making the wound caused by Durza to disappear.

In parallel, Roran becomes leader of Carvahall, against the constant attacks of the henchmen of Galbatorix, who kidnaps his fiancée Katrina. Before this event, Roran takes by sea all Carvahall to Surda, the current base of the Varden.

A great battle between the army of Galbatorix, and the Varden takes place in that area. Murtagh reappears, now controlled by Galbatorix by an oath in the ancient language, along with his dragon, Thorn.

Both have, together, the power to defeat Eragon and Saphira, but Eragon convinces him to skip the obligation to fight against it imposed by their oath. Knowing that the next time Galbatorix will not allow him to do such a thing, Murtagh is ZarRoc, as a legacy of their common father, Morzan, which should be to the greater of the two. It reveals that they are brothers.

Roran, participates in the battle and kills the twins traitors, after with his cousin, he asked whom he helps to rescue Katrina.

By Luis Fernando Martinez YagŸe (17)

Student at CET Services