The Time of The Doctor, regeneration time.

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The Time of The Doctor, regeneration time.

Where: In England

When: 25th of December

What series: Doctor Who

Reason: Christmas Special 2013

The 25th Of December we have a regeneration time, Matt Smith is going to say good bye, and Peter Capaldi is going to be the new Time Lord.

In the last episode of Doctor Who for this year we are going to see, all the olds enemies of the 11th Doctor, Cibermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the main enemy of season 6, The Silences.

The Doctor and Clara are going to arrive at a strange planet, It’s Christmas! When they discovered that this planet was Trenzalore. The Doctor remembered that: In Trenzalore with the fall of the eleventh, somebody is going to ask again the oldest question in all the universe, and them the silence will fall.

Another way of thinking about that is in the Name of The Doctor, they were in Trenzalore, and the Great Intelligence asked that but the silence didn’t fall.

Now adventure has a new face and the hunt has started, It’s the last hour of the Time Lord he has got just 12 regenerations and he is going to find Gallifrey, to find the rest of The Time Lords, and save the day again.

In my opinion I think that Matt Smith is a really good Doctor and I don’t want to see his regeneration, but this series is about change, so we have to admit it!

Bye Matt you are a fantastic Doctor we are never going to forget you.


By: Omar Monedero Pacheco (16)

Student at CET Services.