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The computer is a machine. The computer has different components for example CPU RAM Hard Disc(C:) a keyboard and a mouse.

The computer can do lots of things for example play games, create programs and surf the internet. The advantages to have internet is that you can download things such as programs games and more.

There are two types of PC: the desktop and the laptop.

There are different OS(Operative System) Windows 1 and Windows 2 windows 3, windows 95,windows 98,Windows ME, Windows 2000,Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,Windows server 2012 and Windows 8.The computers are created for the Jobs.

In addition computers are used in schools by kids to enjoy and to study.

Many computers are in the home. Many web pages are dangerous for our health for example Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti

You can buy a computer in the shop. The Company creates virus and later the virus company buy the virus and create an antivirus system.

The antivirus detects virus from hackers to destroy your computer and many things. There are programs that you download and enter virus in your computer.

Many of the smartphones that exist nowadays can be connected to a computer and you can exchange music, videos games…

The most important companies are: Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, YouTube.

The war of computers is a war where hackers send virus to your computer in order to destroy it.

Microsoft was so sure of its security control that a Polish hacker couldnÕt hack Windows Vista in 24 hours.

The Computer is a tool which can be used by kids, teenagers, adults and senior people.

Roberto Osorio Vidal, 11 years old.

Dan Llera, 11 years old.

Sanlœcar de Barrameda

CEIP. Wendy