Henry Moore

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Henry Moore

Henry Moore is an English sculptor. His artistic language is personal, but he has influences from others sculptors (Miguel çngel, Brancusi or Picasso). His principal inspiration was life and nature. He wanted to capture the boneÕs strong, rock, wood or shell in his sculptures. So he depicted humanity.

The art historian named the organic sculpture because it is identified with humanÕs appearance and the environment relationship. He wanted to transmit the special strength to the humanÕs sculptures. He wanted to put in his work a special strength for the spectator.

His works are big and they transmit incredible feelings. The result is a personal style that Moore gets to transform the anatomyÕs body for an image in his spiritual work. The subject is the spiritual strength since 1930 until 1960, the mother and her children, the connection with human’s appearance and urban or rural landscape and the transformation to natural things in sculptures.

The Canary Government has had a Moore exhibition near the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium near Las Canteras Beach. In this exhibition we can see seven Moore sculptures. The nameÕs of the sculptures are ÒGran Figura de PieÓ (1976), ÒPieza de BloqueoÓ since 1936 until 1964, ÒFigura reclinadaÓ (1982), ÒFigura reclinada en dos piezas n¼2Ó (1960), ÒFormas conectadas reclinadasÓ (1969), ÒMadre e hijo reclinadosÓ since 1975 until 1976, and ÒÓvalo con puntosÓ since 1968-1970.

By Itziar Viera Sosa (17)

Student at CET Services