Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones

Everybody knows what is a mobile phone.

There are a lot of models of mobile phones: bigger, smaller, touch or with buttons.

One of these are very expensive like the iPhone. It costs 600 euros. Or others like a Nokia with buttons. It costs 50$ but the iPhones are much better.

With phones you can phone people or chat with people and have games.

On the phone you can do more things than on a computer. It’s like a mini computer but also you can phone people.

In the past people liked smaller phones and in the past the phones were heavy.

Now people like bigger and thinner phones.

All the people can use phones: children, teenagers, and seniors.

There are a lot of applications for the phone like games, chats internet…

There are a lot of companies of phones like apple, windows phone, htc, Samsung…

Nowadays there is a revolutionary application for the phone. It is whatsapp. Using that app you can text free all to all those people with Smartphones.

You can hear music on your phone, download songs and hear it. ItÕs better than a mp3 and you can send songs to other people.

You can watch and record videos and also watch movies.

You can send and write emails.

You have everything on your hand!

The problem is that, children are used to these mobile phones and there are bad people who can create problems.

But if you are careful, there is not any problem using your phone.

Luis Aparicio, 11 years old.

CEIP. Wendy

Sanlœcar de Barrameda.