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Humans contaminate from ever. Now the pollution is all around the Earth: forests, jungles, cities, oceans.

We use things like cars, computers, buses and all of them create pollution.

On the other hand humans use now renewable energy like the solar panel, wind.

There is the solar car. Humans use the solar car which doesnÕt use petrol but uses solar energy.

In addition the electric car doesnÕt use petrol. The electric car uses electric energy.

The energy of central wind is the windy energy.

Other people use the typical car. The typical car uses petrol and goes very fast.

However there are some problems:

The car pollutes the environment.

The cost of petrol is very expensive.

The car now has TV, internet, GPS and it creates accidents.

On the other hand, bikes donÕt pollute.

Using bikes is very healthy for us and our cities.

We must be careful with our environment and the pollution:

A lot of animals are extinct endangered due to the pollution.

Cities are polluted and we have difficulties to breathe.

In 20 years the Earth won´t have got petrol. Humans tire out the petrol.

People from USA pollute a lot.

If we don´t change our life, our environment will be changed.

We will have fewer trees and the oceans will contain a lot of dangerous products.

It´s very important to take care of the environment.

On the best things we can do is to recycle. If we recycle we will help to save the planet and our life.

Rafael TerŽn, 11 years old.

CEIP. Wendy

Sanlucar de Barrameda.