Is Technology Dangerous?

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Is Technology Dangerous

At first it could seem irrational to wonder if technology is really positive for society or if it actually has a negative effect on it. Such a question appears as outrageous as something along the lines of: is evolution and development a good thing? The obvious answer is yes, of course, no doubt about it. However, while looking deeper into this issue and trying to seriously analyse this seemingly pointless subject we may find ourselves having reached some unexpected conclusions.

On the one hand, letÕs take a look at the advantages of technology. First of all, scientific breakthroughs in health related matters and long, exhaustive studies on human behaviour have certainly increased our life expectancy and quality of living, thereby contributing to the survival of our species. Many historically dreadful diseases, like smallpox or rinderpest, have been eradicated thanks to the unbelievable medical progress of our era. In addition, high-tech construction methods and efficient machines are now making places that have always been inhabitable more prosper and gentle to the fragile human life. Even from a strictly social perspective, technology has greatly influenced our way of living in a suitable manner. For example, social networks and the Internet allow and help people from opposite sites of the world to communicate regularly and effectively. Whether it is for a purely professional matter or just to keep in touch, China, Australia or the US is only a phone call or live chat away.

Nonetheless, we also have to admit that technology has had somewhat of a negative impact in society.

Some apparently outstanding accomplishments of our evolution can be misleading and pose a potential threat if not used in a pertinent way. Although, like it has been stated, the machines built today have the capacity of performing a much better job than the old ones, if they are not managed properly, in turn, this can lead to the depletion of natural resources due to overexploitation. Another double-sided achievement is global connection. Some of us might have abused of our ability to send electronic messages and keep our friends in the loop just by grabbing our cell phone and touching the screen with our fingers a few times. Because of this many people, especially the younger generations, are losing the appreciation for real human contact and becoming incapable of carrying out the most basic human interactions.

When all is said and done, it now seems less absurd to ask ourselves about the real risks of technology. In my opinion, what is really preposterous is not being able to recognise that our Òchest of goldÓ has a little mould inside it that needs to be cleaned out. No one can deny that industrial and scientific development has shaped our lives for the better. Nevertheless, there are still some problematic issues, a sort of manufacturing defects in every new product, that need to be taken care of. Therefore, the best path to follow is trying to make technology flawless, good for everybody, without unwanted side effects.

By Juan Gabriel Alonso Guzman