Is Our Privacy Respected

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Is Our Privacy Respected

Nowadays, thanks to the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedom set forth in this declaration. However, one of the most important freedoms, the freedom of speech, and people’s privacy, have been threatened by the recent advances technology has suffered.

It is certain that the Internet has been one of the most important successes of human beings. Nevertheless, although it has broken geographical barriers by allowing the communication between people all around the world, the use of this network as a way of sharing personal data as well as storing it, is leading to many problems, some of them are even unknown for the society.

However, the recent exposure of USAÕs vast reach of government surveillance made by Edward Snowden has reopened the debate of whether their must or mustn’t be an international legislation concerning the Internet and privacy problems.

First of all, Snowden stated that the United States Secret Service had been spying on people from all over the world including those who lived in allied countries. This act caused a lot of displeasure, not only to the people but also to the different governments that had an alliance with USA. Since that day on, people’s and countries´ mistrust on the American government has grown considerably. In addition to this, Snowden has been escaping from their police as the American government want to prosecute him for revealing confidential information.

Another problem that concerns privacy is that nowadays, companies are starting to pay hackers or `data brokers´ so that they gather information of their costumers to establish a new marketing strategy that increases the companies´ income. These hackers are in charge of searching for personal information such as what they buy on the Internet or what web pages they visit the most.

Furthermore, companies use the Internet when they are going to hire more people. `Data BrokersÕ seek for the applier’s profile and see what kind of person they are going to recruit: if they go partying too much, what kind of people they are…

That’s why more and more people are starting to claim for some solutions and some way of regulation. Many people have manifested their dissatisfaction, as there isn’t any law that penalises those people who breach other’s privacy.

However, the Internet is a wide network and so trying to enforce a new law to control people’s actions in it is a very difficult task, mainly because many countries all over the world need to reach an agreement so that the same law is enforced all over the world, something that is certainly very difficult. So regulating these acts isn’t as easy as people might believe.

By Vikesh Mahboobani Mart’nez (17)

Assistant Editor of the Canary Express

Student at CET Services

Editors Comment :

Today most teenagers are connected to more than one social networking site, its worrying how much information they upload every single day, and many times they dont realize the importance of what they upload for their friends or even for their own work future. Remember its up to the parents to try and control what their kids are uploading.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express.