The German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a breed of dog coming from Germany, its origin can be traced to 1899. Partly because of shepherds, because dogs were originally developed to collect and monitor sheep thanks to their strength, intelligent, trainability and obedience.

German shepherd everywhere are often the preferred breed for many other types of work, such as: Watchdog, blind guide, animal rescue, police dog

German shepherds have a lifespan of between 10 and 12 years, when a puppy reaches the age of two, it is an adult and is suitable for reproduction. They need to practice exercise continuously since it is a working breed; field trips, beach or mountain are necessary and advisable especially if they are allowed to run at will at least twice a month.

At three months of age you can give them their first bath, in a warm place, where the dog is not at risk of injury, use shampoo or soap. We recommend feeding good quality feed and not exceed your daily dose, since it has a voracious appetite. Take him to the vet once a year and give him all the vaccinations. Also brush daily to take his dead hair out and keep their coat shiny, healthy and beautiful.

By Donovan Martín Hern‡ndez (10)

Student at CEIP María Caceres PŽrez

La Palma