The Mystic Horses

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The Mystic Horses

A lot of stories with lots of topics exist, for example: action, love, scary, fantastic, adventure.

The stories are very old because many years ago, our ancestors told stories in their houses, near the fire, on the bed.

IÕm sure you know many stories.

The stories were liked by everybody because they were very interesting. You can learn with the stories and have fun telling and hearing the stories.

This story is a piece of a invented story about two young and pretty girls named Elena and Luc’a S and two beautiful and mystics horses named M’stico and Tormenta.

The storyÕs name is the mystic horses.

I hope you like our story so much because we try to do it as best as we can.


One upon of a time a mystic and beautiful horse existed. The horse was white and it had wings. ItÕs name was M’stico.

The horse lived in a cloud but usually went to the earth to see his horse friends.

One day two funny girls named Elena and Luc’aÕs found the mystic horse eating with its friend named: Tormenta.

The girls tried to ride the horses but the horses were scared and went away.

Another day the girls were walking eating carrots and again found the horses, this time the horses went to the girls because they had got carrots and the horses liked carrots.

And since that day the girls and the horses were friends for ever.

The End

By: Lucia Sevilla Rodr’guez and Elena Carbajo Plant—n (11)

Students at Colegio Wendy Villa Horacia

San Lucar de Barrameda Cadiz