The Roque Nublo

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The Roque Nublo

The Roque Nublo is located in the Park Rural of Nublo and this is located in the geographical centre of the island of Gran Canaria. The Roque rises eighty meters on its base. The Roque Nublo was anciently used as a place of Aboriginal worship.

Its name was put because in the aboriginal time there lived a Prince called Roque Nublo. And they called him because he had long hair; he was also tall and strong as a rock. He opted to leave a day from there to go to another place. No one knew where he was going. Nobody ever knew of him again and so it took its name in tribute to Roque Nublo Prince.

By Nalaya Francisco Sicilia (10)

Student at CEIP Mariela C‡ceres PŽrez

La Palma