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Books are very important because you can find whatever you want. For example there are books about literature, science, jungle, animals…. Books teach and inspire you.

In the books you can read about someoneÕs life, about a historic moment, about music.

Books are very important for everybody. There are books for blind or deaf people, because they are specialised for them. Books along life have been very important since babies and boys learn to write new words.

People say that watching a movie is very interesting, however, when you read a book it is even more interesting.

You can create the situations, the different places. You can imagine the characters, their clothes, their feelings, movements.

Reading a book is one of the most interesting activities you can do in your free time. It´s very important to start reading from the childhood and create the hobby.

Books are everywhere, in the schools, institutes, universities, offices, parks, bus stations, train stations.

All over the world people like reading and enjoying books.

You can read wherever you want. Now there are electronic books, this is an advantage because you don´t waste paper. On the other hand, most people prefer traditional books, and to touch the papers.

There are cheap and expensive books. Books for children, teenagers and adults. You can buy books in many different places or if you prefer, you can borrow them in libraries. If you read books, you will learn to write and to speak correctly. You will learn a lot of new words and expressions.

Dan Llera. 11 years old.

Roberto Osorio. 11 years old.

CEIP. Wendy.

Sanlœcar de Barrameda.