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We all like to dance and listen to music but:

Do you know how many different dances there are?

Do you know how many different types of music there are?

Do you know what is the typical dance from Andalucia?

Where can we watch dance videos?

All over the World everybody dance but people have different cultures. In each culture people have a different and typical dance.

The fist dance was the ritual dance for the pre-historic people. In that time the instruments were rocks and bones.

In Andalucian people dance the flamenco for many years. The music of the flamenco is the buleria and sevillanas.

In Moscow the dance is a seni and there are much more dances.

The vals is a dance from 1760´s. ItÕs a slow music.

The hip hop. ItÕs the dance from 1980´s. This dance has modern music and its dance its very rarely because is very incredible.

The rock and roll is the music from 1954. In this music people dance very fast. There are different styles.

Now we can learn about much more culture and the types of dancing from every countries of the word. We can listen to music and watch dancing videos everywhere. On the TV, on the internet. So you can learn how to dance any typical movement.

If a person can´t hear anything, this person is deaf. They can´t listen to any music. They donÕt know about the music.

We are lucky because we can hear music and enjoy the music.

Rafael Ter‡n

11 years old

CEIP. Wendy.

Sanlœcar de Barrameda.