Is too much homework making kids sick?

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Is too much homework making kids sick

Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question will be completely different, some people will say homework has never hurt anyone while others say that homework is affecting childrenÕs attitude and health.

Stanford Graduate School of Education has recently surveyed over 4,000 students from a variety of both public and private high schools in the California area and the results are quite clear, students who do over three hours homework per night suffer from various health problems.

So what are the consequences of excessive studying ?

Well this is another difficult question to answer, itÕs not a clear and direct answer, recent studies have demonstrated that kids who over-study suffer from stress and physical consequences, these may range from migraines to stomach ulcers, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and even weight loss

But what is too much ?

At certain ages and levels of their education career it is quite normal for students to be studying for three hours per day, this for older high school students or university students can be considered normal, never for primary students, this is far excessive for these ages.

We can consider anything above that too much, there are many students studying up to five or more hours per night, it is quite normal for parents to get worried because their children donÕt come out of their room all weekend because they are trying to catch up on the homework assignments they have to hand in the following week.

Who is to blame ?

Another complicated question as it will also depend on who you ask, some teachers will blame the poor organisation of the students, well, this in a number of cases may be true, but what many teachers fail to realise, specially in the private schools is that they are over-loading students with homework.

ItÕs not uncommon to hear the expression, ÒIÕve only sent them 2 pages of exercises, they can do that in an hourÓ, yes, that is true, maybe 2 pages of exercises can be done in an hour, but what they fail to remember is that students have between 7 and 12 subjects depending on the school they study in and if every teacher sends that amount of homework the students are obviously overloaded.

What is the solution ?

Here is the most difficult question of all to answer, the best option is firstly to contrast with other parents if the situation is happening only with your child or if itÕs a common situation, once you have confirmed that it is a common situation parents should ask for a parentÕs meeting where this matter can be discussed.