Having problems sleeping Stop keeping your mobile in your bedroom !

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Having problems sleeping Stop keeping your mobile in your bedroom !

Recent studies reveal keeping mobile phones in the bedroom as one of the main causes for insomnia and other sleeping problems, recent studies reveal that over half of us use our mobile phone as an alarm clock and over 80% of us keep our mobile phones switched on during the night, most studies reveal that if our bedroom is kept free of electronic devices like mobile phones, insomnia levels will decrease.

Some more controversial studies suggest that sleeping can cause nauseas, dizziness and headaches, one of the main problems mobile phones cause is the light produced by the high-quality screens on smartphones, this light can damage our body by making our brain believe itÕs daytime. This light is known to stimulate the cells located in the retina, these cells are the ones responsible of informing our brain of what time it is, so this unbalances our perception of day and night.

The lights emitted by tablets and smartphones is what we call blue light to which the cells in the retina are most sensitive to, this is why reading on your tablet or phone before going to bed causes more insomnia than for example reading a book.

Scientists reveal that mobile phones or tablets shouldnÕt be used two or three hours before going to bed, this type of light is similar to the one used by TVs, the big difference is that phones and tablets are held much closer to the eyes than TV screens.

Most people donÕt know that we sleep in short cycles usually lasting 1 – 2 hours with a brief moment of waking up in between, this moment is usually unnoticed, the problem lies when we are affected by an external stimulus during this waking moment, this will drag us out of our sleep, this can be a flashing of a mobile phone, a vibration from an unanswered message, etc., if you then decide to check your phone to see what itÕs about that will really put you off sleeping.

Once you have checked the phone during sleep time the brain will instinctively make you check your phone more than rationally necessary, it will keep your sleep lighter so you will be more likely to be disturbed.

There is also the controversy about mobile phone radiation, we must take into account that mobile phones are in constant contact with their base station using electromagnetic radiation, these radio waves unlike those of X-rays do not have enough energy to actually change the structure of atoms although there are some studies that say that they may affect the electrical activity in the brain during sleep.

We also have another bad habit which is actually worse than having the phone switched on all night, this habit is charging your phone next to the bed, the transformer used to charge phones or other electronic devices has a more intense field which affects the brainÕs electrical patterns even more.

Conclusion : put your phone to sleep in the kitchen, not in the bedroom.

By Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express