Meet The Tribs Part I

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Meet The Tribs Part I

Q. How many years have you been running in solidarity races?

A. More than 4 years.

Q. What motivated you to participate?

A. The good causes and it is fun to race because solidarity races are normally performed in town centres with a lot of people and spectators.

Q. How many types of modalities are there in solidarity races?

A. They vary but normally from one mile to 10 km.

Q. Which of them is your favourite?

A. The ones in town centre that become nice manifestations.

Q. How many kilometres do you have to go?

A. Normally 5 km.

Q. When you run a solidarity race, do you run under pressure?

A. No.

Q. Does the winner receive a prize?

A. Yes, sometimes.

By Ana Beatriz Felipe Robaina (17)

Student at CET Services