The Supreme Tribunal plans on demolishing a public library in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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The Supreme Tribunal plans on demolishing a public library in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

After a lot of time spent quarrelling over this matter, the Supreme Tribunal has decided to tear down a public library, known as ÒBiblioteca Pœblica del Estado de Las Palmas de Gran CanariaÓ, since it was not built in a legal way.

I would like to leave the Political side untouched, since I sincerely don’t think it would be appropriate for me to judge the deliberation the Supreme Tribunal has concluded with. Anyway, I would like to express my opinion about this matter, since it’s been such a commotion lately.

The library is located in a strategic point, since almost all buses stop nearby, considering the bus station is very close to the building. We should also bear in mind that the people who go to the reading rooms of this library come from a lot of different areas, such as Vegueta or El Puerto. These students’ ages vary, ranging from high schoolers to undergraduates. Hence, it’s worth considering that a lot of people go to this place hoping to find peace and quiet so they can pursue their studies.

I would also like to pinpoint the fact that people don’t go there just to memorise unfathomable texts so that they can exceed in their exams. It’s not that simple. A lot of people go there to do some research as well, and that’s not something you can do anywhere. In a library, people can be sure the material they are basing their papers on is right and up to date, while it might be biased or not completely reliable somewhere else. Therefore, it would be safe to assume a lot of students would be left without a place to search for information or study if this library were to be demolished.

I can see how this building is not legal whatsoever. I think their reasons for wanting to wreck it could be comprehensible, really. But the only way I would be able to understand the reason why this building is to be tore down would be if they had ordered this years ago, back when this library was being built.

By Nagore Brito Montero (14)

IES Schamann Las Palmas.

Editors Comment :

There has been a lot of controversy over the last few days about the decision regarding the demolition of this building, its important that students like Nagore are worried about this matter as unfortunately this is the second bad political decision in recent months that affects the culture in our country, first the disappearance of a cultural TV channel like Explora and now the possible disappearance of the public library.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)

The Canary Express