Meeting the Tollefors family

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Meeting the Tollefors family

I really felt very nervous. I would finally meet the Tollefors family, whom I had asked several questions related to their participation in many races some weeks before. However, I hadnÕt seen them in person, given the circumstances, and our meeting had been put off until that day. The reason of my nervousness was that I thought that they would be so different from me (an uncultured about athletics) besides the fact that it would have to be an informal and personal talk. And, frankly, I didnÕt feel prepared for that.

In order to make time while I waited for the Tollefors family, I ate two candies. When I chewed the second, my teacher, Keith, received another call. This time, The awaited Call. The Tollefors had arrived.

Suddenly, I heard a voice which said:

Your sister?

No, she is my mother! – explained Keith.

Unintentionally, I smiled a little because the Tollefors thought, either my teacher was older than he tried to make out or that his mother kept herself fit.

With this fact, I forgot the tension and I understood that it would be a new and different experience.

I don´t really know why foreign people stand out among Spanish virtues the proximity in the treatment. In fact, the Tollefors were very close in every moment.

Mrs Tollefors had everything under control and she started asking about my life. When I told her that I would study medicine, they were surprised because they knew how difficult it is to enter this type of career. However, I wanted to know more about their interesting life.

From my point of view, it is too difficult to move to another country and engage a different community. However, they had achieved it satisfactorily. In fact, Milou and Marlon had a surprising Canary accent. Only their appearances revealed their Swedish origin: a beautiful blonde teenager and a cute child that every mother wanted to have, or that was my thought.

They were two children, with insecurities about what to do in their futures (law as an option) and an incredible sense of empathy. They run for a good cause and, best of all, is that they love running.

Sincerely, I admire them because I realise that you have to have spirit of sacrifice to combine this hobby with the priorities. Keep in mind that they live in Arguineguin and they are forced to get around constantly.

Another curious fact is that we had acquaintances in common so, it is a small world!

All in all, the Tollefors are a role model family and I wish the Tribs all the best.

By Ana Beatriz Felipe Robaina (17)

Student at CET Services