Jobs of the Future

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Jobs of the Future

The whole world is evolving faster every time. Many things change every day in our modern planet and one of those things are jobs. The future will bring us new types of jobs adapted to different ways of life. You can adapt yourself to a new world that will come soon or continue with our actual thoughts, it´s up to you.

Actually we can see how there are new jobs which are in style: for example, coaches who teach a group of people about a large variety of matters; or also bloggers, those persons who write daily or frequently in their own virtual page about a topic they like, such as those who public a photo with an outfit and write about it. However, in the future will be more new jobs. I am absolutely confident that the majority of these new jobs will be connected with modern technologies. For example, some weeks ago I heard talk about a career called biomedical engineering, which is thought the career with more job opportunities in the world. This one is connecting with technology and also with medicine.

For that reason, there are more qualified people nowadays who struggle for a job and later to be promoted. This is a reality quite hard for many people. This means, we can´t be another person with a career who wants to work, not, we have to try to be as much qualified as we can. First of all, we have to get good marks in our scholar ages which will make possible to study whatever we want. Then, we should finish our career and always try to increase our knowledge, for example doing masters.

On the other hand, a key which will help us to have a good CV are languages. At least, we must to have a high level of English, showing this, for example, having a Cambridge certificate like C1. Also, we need to have knowledge of new technologies, like a correct use of some programmes on the PC and on Internet, of course.

In addition, another important thing is our personality. In many job interviews the personality of each one is evaluated. We have to know to get on in every circumstance and transmit confidence and security.

Everything in ourselves is important if we want to get a good new job!

Daniella Avero Hern‡ndez (16)

Student in Tenerife