Easter Eggs !

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Easter Eggs !

Easter eggs are a very old tradition in the UK going back in time well before Christianity, what do Easter Eggs represent ? They are a symbol of spring and new life.

In many countries Easter Eggs are part of their celebrations, exchanging and eating Eggs in a very popular custom. In the UK originally real eggs were used, mostly chicken eggs which were hard-boiled and then dyed in various colour and designs as these traditionally bright colours represented light and spring. Nowadays they have been replaced with Chocolate Eggs.

A very old and popular tradition is rolling your eggs down a hill, the owner of the egg that stays uncracked the longest is the winner. Today, specially in the North of England in towns like Durham this tradition still remains, hard boiled eggs are rolled down slopes or hills to see which goes the furthest.

Nowadays people give each other chocolate Easter Eggs usually hollow and filled with sweets or chocolates, other smaller ones are usually filled with cream and are loved by children.

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