World Earth Day !

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World Earth Day !

April 22nd, Earth Day, just another day ? Just another celebration someone thought up ?

No, a lot more, Earth Day is the day of every human being, animal and plant living on this planet, we humans tend to take things for granted and we usually forget that if we want to continue enjoying this beautiful planet we must look after it.

This environmental movement started in 1970, and as many other things has had to adapt to an ever-changing society, new developments and new times bring new dangers to Mother Earth.

The fight for a clean environment continues although the measures are becoming more urgent as we continue ravaging our planet, destroying environments at a ridiculous speed and we can see its effects in our daily life.

So why do we need an Earth day ?

Its not just another commercial day like Valentines day etc, this type of celebration reminds people of the need for commitment and allows the community to get together all around the world regardless of backgrounds, faiths or nationalities and together we can protect our planet.

The CET Services Team