III Carrera Benefica de Orientación

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III Carrera Benefica de Orientación

As part of CET Solidario we have collaborated in sponsoring the “III Carrera BenŽfica de Orientaci—n which took place on Sunday April 19 in the vicinity of the Sports Centre at Playa de Arinaga, but we were not the real stars of this event, nor were the people directly involved in this event, the real protagonists were:

<ul><li>Valentino Pasquale

• Ram—n Gonz‡lez Su‡rez

• Rom‡n Bord—n Mendez

• Sergio Ojeda Dominguez

• Biggles Tollefors

• Elvira Perez Quintana

• Andrea Fernandez Padr—n

Some of these names may sound familiar to some of you and others will be you wondering : who are these people ?, Well this question is very easy to answer; they are not a team of professional adults dedicated to preparing sporting events, these people are the members of Canary Junior Orienteering Team who will be travelling later this month to Albacete to participate in the ÒCampeonato de Espa–a de Orientaci—nÓ.

A group of young enthusiastic athletes who were responsible for all the organisation of the event starting at the table where participants were received and payments and donations were sorted out, the placement of the various beacons which participants would be tagging in, and we can not forget important elements as were the selling of tickets for a raffle or Andrea, the youngest member of the team, who was constantly running from one point to another sharing her enthusiasm, distributing maps or waiting for the arrival of the participants at the finishing line to take a photo as they arrived.

There was a moment when there was a small accumulation of runners waiting to start but there was no need not to worry because Roman, the showman of the team, quickly organised a hilarious warm-up choreography which quickly encouraged the people who were waiting to join his contagious choreography making the wait a relaxed and joyful moment.

The race was divided into 4 categories with different distances:<li>Elite (5.2 km)

• Couples (5.2 km)

• Scholars (3.8 km)

• Open / Initiation (2.8 km)

It was a simple semi-urban Route, with a first urban part that ended in the area called El Cabron a wide visibility in a barren land with many areas of micro-relief which is ideal for fast and starter races.

The event was very professionally coordinated by Ulises Ortiz Sanchez who has thrown everything in for these young athletes who are searching for a dream and their coach Claudia Galina Vallera who is completely devoted to this sprouting professional junior athletes. Yet the success of this event was neither the sponsors nor the organisers, but of all participants who participated in this event with their joy and sportsmanship to help raise funds in order to help defray the costs so these young athletes can fulfil their dream.

Good luck to the team and most important of all: Enjoy this great experience.

Keith Appleby

Chief Editor

The Canary Express